Karpathos Βeaches

One of the main features of Karpathos is the great alternation of landscapes and its natural beauty. This has an impact on the several beaches that the island has. The southern beaches are more easily accessible, which means that they attract a lot of people. Most of them are organized, while due to the prevailing winds in this area of ​​the island, there are 2 beaches, Afiartis and Agrilaopotamos, which attract windsurfing lovers around the world. It should be noted here that Homer gives Karpathos the aggressive designation "Inemoessa".

Other beaches you can visit are Ammopi, Arkasa, Diakoftis and Afoti.
In the middle of the island and to the east, we will find Kyra-Panagia where the homonymous church dominates, Apella which as soon as you see it from above you think you see a living painting and further north you meet the picturesque fishing village of Agios Nikolaos which has a small and less busy beach, as well as boats to other inaccessible beaches.

However, for those who prefer beaches with little or no people, Diafani is proposed as a base, which is the second port of the island, after Pigadia. From Diafani, then, boats start that will take you to beaches accessible only by sea. It will be good, if you prefer such beaches, to have water with you necessarily and maybe some food in case you need it.

By car you can visit Vananda for swimming to the north, while south of Diafani are Forokli and Papa Minas.